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About Us

Game Cric Star is an exciting online project dedicated to the fantasy game of cricket. Here you can create your own teams, play with friends, participate in tournaments, make predictions on the results of sports games, take tests and earn points. For cricket fans, this is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of this exciting game, test your knowledge and skills, compare your strengths with other players and gain new experience.

Game Cric Star offers a unique game format that combines elements of strategy, tactics and the ability to predict results. Here, each player can demonstrate their intelligence, logic and analytical skills to create a strong team and defeat their opponents. You decide which players will be included in your team, what strategy to choose and what actions to take on the way to victory.

Creating squads is one of the key aspects of the game in Game Cric Star. Here you have to choose from a variety of players and create a team that will take part in various tournaments and competitions. Consider the characteristics of each player, their strengths and weaknesses, skill level and game experience. Only a carefully selected team can bring you victory and earn a decent number of points.

Playing with friends is a great way to test your skills and compete with your loved ones. Invite your friends to join you in the game and compete for the title of the best cricket team coach. Show your best results, discuss game strategies and tactics, share experiences and support each other on the way to victory.

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Participation in tournaments is an opportunity to measure your strength with other players, show your skills and strategic thinking. Take part in various tournaments, compete for prizes and honorary titles, earn points and increase your rating. Confirm your abilities and become the best cricket team coach in Game Cric Star.

Predicting the results of sports games is an opportunity to earn extra points and test your predictive skills. Guess the outcome of the game, bet on your team to win and get bonus points for correct predictions. Show your ability to analyze the situation, make predictions and make informed decisions.

Taking tests is a great opportunity to check your knowledge of cricket, learn new information and improve your level of training. Take tests, answer questions and improve your knowledge of cricket, its rules and features. Get new experience, develop and increase your chances of winning the game.

Earning points is an opportunity to increase your rating, open new opportunities and go to the next level of the game. Earn points for your achievements, victories and participation in competitions, test your strength and improve your skills. Become the best cricket team coach and show everyone what you are capable of.

Game Cric Star is not just a game, it is a unique project that combines entertainment, competition and training. Here everyone will find something interesting and exciting for themselves, will be able to test their abilities and improve their skills in the game of cricket. Join us right now and immerse yourself in the world of exciting adventures and exciting battles on the cricket field.


How to play


1. Create Squads:

- To start playing in the Cric Star app, you need to create your own team of cricket players.

- Choose from a wide list of available players those who you think will bring the most benefit to your team.

- Place them in the appropriate positions in the squad, considering their skills and experience in the game.

- You can also create different teams to participate in various tournaments and competitions.


2. Play with Friends:

- The Cric Star app provides an opportunity to play with your friends and compete with them in real time.

- Create a lobby or join an existing one to start a game against your friends.

- Use your team and tactics to win and show your best performance to your friends.

- In addition, you can discuss game moments and results with your friends in the app chat.


3. Participate in Tournaments:

- In Cric Star, you can participate in various cricket tournaments and competitions.

- Choose the tournament that interests you and register your team for participation.

- Compete with other players and teams to show off your skills in the game and become the best in your category.

- For successful performance in the tournament, you can get rewards and prizes.


4. Predicting the results of sports games:

- In the Cric Star application, you can predict the results of cricket games and other sports.

- Make your prediction on the winning team or player and guess the outcome of the match or competition.

- For correct predictions, you will receive additional points and rewards.

- This is a great opportunity to test your knowledge of sports and compete with other players.


5. Completing tests and earning points:

- In Cric Star, you can take various tests and quizzes on cricket and other sports topics.

- Answer questions and test your knowledge of sports to earn points and improve your level.

- For successfully completed tests, you can get additional rewards and bonuses.

- You can also compete with other players in tests and show your knowledge.

So, playing the fantasy cricket game Cric Star provides ample opportunities to participate in various types of activities. From creating your own unique lineup and playing with your friends to participating in tournaments, predicting results and taking tests - every player can find something for themselves. The Cric Star app allows you to not only enjoy the gameplay, but also develop your knowledge of sports, communicate with other players and compete for prizes. Dive into the exciting world of cricket and sports with Cric Star!



1. The Star Cup tournament starts in 2 days. Gather your best squad and join the game to compete for the main prize!


2. The online tournament "Battle of Clubs" starts in a week. Create your own club or join an existing one to compete with other players and win unique rewards.


3. A new test of knowledge of the rules of cricket will be available this weekend. Test your knowledge and earn points to increase your experience level in the game.


4. A special event with famous cricketers will take place in a month. Stay tuned and get ready for unique tasks and the opportunity to play with cricket stars.

What our application looks like on a phone


1. Go to the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device.

2. Enter the game name "Cric Star" in the search bar and click "Download" or "Install".

3. After installation, open the application, register, create your team, play with friends, participate in tournaments, predict game results, pass tests and earn points.



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2. "I love the Game Cric Star app! It not only lets you play fantasy cricket, but also take fun quizzes and earn points. The gameplay is very convenient and addictive, a great way to spend time for sports fans."



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